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Supporting Electoral Integrity and Transparency.

If you have experienced a positive or negative “payback” by an elected official this is your opportunity to describe this event and add it to the public record. By submitting your reports, you will encourage our elected representatives – from city and town councils to the halls of Congress – to work for us effectively and with integrity.

Our goal is not to build angry and politically motivated discourse. In fact, we will work vigilantly to keep our site free of biased, accusatory, and petty reports. Instead, we have set up an impartial system for you to report on the performance of your elected representatives and we give them the opportunity to respond to your reports.

We want to hear your story because accurate information provides a powerful means for holding our elected officials accountable. And we believe accountability encourages them to do their very best – with integrity and transparency – for all of their constituents.

Recent Posts

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    The owners of the Milwaukee Bucks are requesting public money to help build a new Milwaukee Bucks arena. Vos admitted [...]

  • Judi Bosworth


    Judi Bosworth was elected to Town Supervisor following 6 years with the Nassau County Legislature as the representative for the [...]

  • Jan Gardner


    Janice Spiegel worked on Jan Gardner’s election campaign. Gardner appointed Spiegel to a full time job as liaison to the [...]

  • Tim Kelemen


    Greg Luce had ongoing conflict about the Tea Party’s rights to hold signs on an interstate overpass bridge. The police [...]

  • Jennifer Gregerson


    Gregerson got a full time policy analyst position approved. Filings show that in October 2012, Marko Liias’ political fund donated [...]

  • Steve Teague


    17 workers in the highway department did not support Teague and may have supported his political apponent These 17 road [...]

  • Bob Donchez


    Northampton County DA John Morganelli is the main political backer of Bob Donchez. He was Donchez’s campaign chair, he served [...]

Examples of Topics for Payback Posts

  1. You voted for an elected official and he/she delivered on a particular promise of interest (or did not deliver on that promise).
  2. You know of someone, or yourself, that did or did not get a job or promotion due your support (contribution and work) or opposition of an opposition candidate.
  3. A development project was approved or not approved due to support (contribution and work) or opposition of an elected official.
  4. A zoning approval was approved or not approved due to support (contribution and work) or opposition of an elected official.
  5. You know of someone, or yourself who was appointed to a government committee or board due to support (contribution and work) or opposition of an elected official.
  6. Contract negotiations went one way or another based on the negotiating party’s relationship with key elected officials.
  7. The use of philanthropic contributions to a favored charity of an elected official resulting in favored consideration.
  8. Elected official looking the other way to benefit a campaign contributor.
  9. Elected official intervening on a matter to benefit a campaign contributor.

What Other Say About PPB

“Political Payback provides a forum to express one's honest views about elected officials – giving a shout-out to those who are doing their jobs well and a wake-up call to those who may be straying from the mandate to serve their constituents.”
Susan Kinney, Non-Profit Management Consultant
"Political Payback will shine a light on elected officials in a unique way and will remind them that their constituents are paying attention to the job they are doing."
Howard Raff Ph.D., COO at Allergen Research Corp
"This is a great outlet for me to be heard because newspapers don't care what I have to say."
Jack Winer, retired
"This is a wonderful move toward the competitive market assumption of perfect information flows. The closer we get to symmetric information, the more efficient we all are. I can't wait to use this website as an example in my Public Finance class. I hope this website encourages our public servants to act more like our agents, and less like they have their own misaligned utility functions."
Mark Kazarosian, Economics Professor

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